Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Citizens! and Midnight Spin – A Concert Dilemma for SF

     On Saturday March 23, there are at least two attractive concert options in San Francisco. The London-based band Citizens! will perform at the Monarch and Brooklyn’s Midnight Spin will be at the Neck of the Woods. Certainly, both events are worthwhile. Since we previously introduced Midnight Spin, we’ll start with Citizen!.

     Citizen! is an Indie electro band that released its debut album “Here We Are” in May 2012. There is an Ohio/Michigan band named Citizen, which may explain the punctuation in the band's name.
     The first single from their album was “True Romance,” which met with favorable reviews. There are certainly many differences between the two songs, but “True Romance” has many of the qualities we like in the subsequently released track “Would That Not Be Nice” from the “supergroup” Devine Fits.
     The other two singles from Citizens! are “Reptile” and “Caroline.” The five members are Tom Burke (vocals), Thom Rhoades (guitar and vocals), Martyn Richmond (bass), Lawrence Diamond (keyboards) and Mike Evans (drums and vocals). 
“True Romance” by Citizens!

“Reptile” by Citizens!

            Opening for Citizens! will be Grayshot from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Two brothers form the core of the band. Aaron and Christian Anksum are joined by Reese Kling.
“Future Light” by Grayshot

     Turning to Midnight Spin, we do have some concern. While the band’s website and ticket-promotion sites agree that Midnight Spin will be at the Neck of the Woods, we cannot find any evidence of their appearance on the venue’s calendar ( Hopefully, it’s our error.
      In a March 4th post about Brooklyn bands, we introduced the band to Indie Obsessive and mentioned how much we enjoy “Conchis Bliss.” As noted in that post, the band members are Mike Corbett (vocals, guitar), Danny Scull (drums), Jim Terranova (guitar, vocals), Ben Waters (bass) and Jeremy Cohen (keys, vocals). In comparison to Citizens!, Midnight Spin is about "Rock."
     "Conchis Bliss" by Midnight Spin

     "Phantoms" by Midnight Spin

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