Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Humfree Bug Art

     Last year about this time, our favorite band name was Trampled by Turtles, a Minnesota folk/bluegrass group. This year, one of the leading candidates is Humfree Bug Art. Is the name representative of the splash pattern on the windshield of a tour vehicle, with the Humfree being the Swedish equivalent of the American Hummer?  Probably not.
     Wait! A trip to the “photographs” page of their website includes an array of pictures and posters, INCLUDING a small poster of a recognizable face. Actually, the poster has ten representations of the same face, Humphrey Bogart’s. It’s just one poster, but we’re going with that – Humfree Bug Art is named in honor of Humphrey Bogart.

     But interest in a band’s name only holds a person’s focus for a while. The music has to sustain that interest. Humfree Bug Art delivers. As the best example:
“With Nights and Lights” by Humfree Bug Art

     The band is from Stockholm, Sweden. The six members are Andreas Sandberg, Arvid Jonsson, Fredrik Forell, Daniel Westin, Sebastian Svensson Nylin, and Andreas Henningsson. 
     Here's a recent session that Humfree Bug Art recorded from the living room:
"Flowers (Bredäng Sessions)" from Esplanaden Fonogram on Vimeo.

   We also like "Present Parted People" by Humfree Bug Art

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