Friday, March 29, 2013

Female Vocals Dominate

     The common thread among the songs in this post is a heavy reliance upon female vocals. A song with vocals which accompany equally powerful instrumentation would not qualify. The vocals have to carry the song in the same manner that discussions about the Packers dominate conversations if you visit someone in Green Bay.

     The first song is by WALL, which is the moniker of Lyla Foy, a London singer-songwriter. Particularly for the song “Left to Wonder,” it is difficult to remember a song with such simple instrumentation and vocals being able to emit the same level of emotion. As the song instructs, “Don’t go back ’til you’re ready to remember, there’s a crack and you’re leaving me left to wonder.”
     “Left to Wonder” by WALL

     Next is Dublin’s Slow Skies, which is the project of Karen Sheridan, but includes important contributions by Conal Herron and Patrick O’Laoghaire. The plan is to release the EP “Close” on May 4, 2013. The first song from the EP is “On the Shore.” At the beginning, the voice is almost child-like. Later, the string plucking is simple but effective, and the haunting background vocals set the song apart from similar attempts in the same genre.
     “On the Shore.” by Slow Skies

     The third song is a cover – something we have previously avoided in our blog posts. Siobhan Wilson is Scottish, but considers her hometown to be “Glasgow and Paris and also London sometimes.” As a gift for her sister’s wedding, Siobhan Wilson covered “The Good Years” of Karine Polwart and Edwin Morgan. It’s available as a Free, Legal and Recommended download.
     “The Good Years” by Siobhan Wilson

     Early today, we quickly posted a song by the Alin Coen Band. We did it quickly, because its availability as a free download may not last long. But it fits within the theme of this post, so it gets “double posted.”
     “Kites” by Alin Coen Band – at least today, it's a Free, Legal and Recommended download.

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