Saturday, March 23, 2013

Three for Free – The Classics II

     To quote the February 28, 2013 blog entry (CLICK HERE):
"When you have IADD (Indie Attention Dis-obsessive Disorder), songs that are only a year old are sometimes considered “classics.”  It is typical to discover a band, become so obsessive in listening to the songs of the newly discovered band that they are repeated using the loop mode, but then undeservedly leave the band behind as other bands are discovered. The five songs in the right-hand column are currently in that obsessive play condition. Below are songs from three bands which are still visited by us, but which no longer receive the amount of play they deserve. All of the songs are being offered without charge by the bands or their recording labels, making them Free, Legal and Recommended downloads (FLR downloads)."

     The first song is by a band from Athens, Greece. The early releases of Zebra Tracks, such as "Silicone Valley" (that's correct, it's not silicon), were too "fluffy" for our tastes. But they changed that with songs like "Isabelle Creeps." The members of Zebra Tracks are Antonis Kavvadias. Zisis Zade, George Nikas, and Nikolas Smyrlakis.

     "Isabelle Creeps" by Zebra Tracks - It's a good song that gets great when the train-driving guitar kicks in at the 3:21 mark.

    Next is a song that includes banjo and trumpet (Can it get better?) Dark Mean doesn't seem to be producing or touring any longer, but we can still appreciate what they gave us. The trio is from Hamilton, Onterio in currently still cold Canada. The members are Mark Dean, Sandy Johnston and Billy Holmes.
     "Happy Banjo" by Dark Mean

     The third is from a Chicago band that is oddly named California Wives. The members are Joe O'Connor (Drums), Jayson Kramer (Vocals, Guitar, Keys), Dan Zima (Vocals, Guitar, Bass), and Graham Masell (Guitar, Vocals).
     "Purple" By California Wives

     If your browser doesn't show the free "Download," just CLICK HERE.

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