Thursday, March 21, 2013

Francis International Airport - A Band Review

"In the Woods"
     In the last blog post, we gave our understanding of the band name "Humfree Bug Art." Today, we want to introduce Francis International Airport to Indie Obsessive. Not being gamers, we had to be told that the band name Francis International Airport is from Grand Theft Auto.
     But it’s always the music that matters. In their 2011 album, “In the Woods,” Francis International Airport showed sophistication in blending guitars. The album was released in 2011. The songs “Monsters” and "Amnesiacs” received the attention, but we prefer “Bug” because of its many almost seamless transitions in energy. 
     Well, the band is preparing for the next album drop, which is scheduled for May 2013. The name of the album will be “Cache.” The first single is “The Right Ones,” and we like it. It starts with some technical guitar and very simple vocals. However, at the 1:25 mark, the rotation begins – focus on guitars, then keyboards (1:49), return to the starting vocals (2:03), but bring on the energy at 2:17. Would you call that a “whining guitar” sound that periodically haunts the song?
      Francis International Airport is based in Vienna, Austria. The members of the band are Markus Zahradnicek, David Zahradnicek, Georg Tran, Christian Hölzel and Manuel Riegler. The website of the band is
     "The Right Ones" by Francis International Airport

     "Monsters" by Francis International Airport - A Free, Legal and Recommended Download at  CLICK HERE for a .wav format

     "Amnesiacs" by Francis International Airport - A Free, Legal and Recommended Download at CLICK HERE for a .wav format

     "Bug" by Francis International Airport

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