Friday, March 15, 2013

MAP Releases - This Is the Ides of March

     As noted in the blog entry of February 15th, the Music Alliance Pact (MAP) makes a collection of songs available for free and legal download. MAP is a collective of 36 blogs (at least) in an equal number of countries.  Each blog chooses a song by an artist from its home country for the monthly post.  Approval from each artist is a requirement. This month, there are 40 songs in the MAP collection.
     There are three options:
1. You can merely listen to the 40 songs at one of the MAP authorized sites. For example, the Canadian participant is Quick Before It Melts, and the Map page is accessed by CLICKING HERE
2. You can selectively download the songs by going to one of the MAP authorized sites and using the "Save as" capability of your web browser.
3. You can download all 40 in a ZIP file at CLICK HERE TO GO TO ZIP SITE.

     We recognize that a first listen through a number of songs is not a good basis for judging music. But that has never slowed us down. This month, at first blush, it appears that there are fewer good discoveries than in other MAP collections. BUT VIGO THIEVES HAS DONATED "HEARTBEATS." So, everything else is a bonus. Last year, "Heartbeats" was one of our obsessions. This is a keeper. The Soundcloud stream is included below, but you need to use the MAP offering for the free and legal download.
     "Heartbeats" by Vigo Thieves

     We also like the contribution from Poland - "The Sun" by Sorry Boys. The write-up in MAP compares "The Sun" to Kate Bush, but we consider Australia's The Jezabels to be a much closer match.
     "The Sun" by Sorry Boys 

     France -- "Monte" by Mermonte

     Indonesia -- "Time Off" by Good Boy Badminton

     United States -- "Dear Pressure" by Miracles of Modern Science

     It's time to go to one of the MAP sites!!!
Happy hunting!

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