Friday, March 1, 2013

Jillette Johnson, Royal Teeth, A Silent Film- Concert Review

We saw A Silent Film at Slim’s in San Francisco on Wednesday the 27th.  The venue itself is a good one for live music.  The stage is a little higher than most, giving a good view from all angles.  Royal Teeth opened for them as well as Jillette Johnson, whom we were not familiar with going into the show. 

Jillette Johnson performed first. She is a singer/songwriter from New York with an album coming out this year, titled "Water in a Whale" (she being the whale and her voice the water).  She has an EP out now, titled "Whiskey and Frosting" (two things she likes to consume in large quantities), or so she says.  She seemed to be a quirky individual who went on to explain some symbolization within her songs, which is kind of nice to get a visual.  She had incredibly powerful vocals and captured the audience with her accompaniment of the piano.  The song featured is about a transgendered friend of hers who she named "Cameron."

Royal Teeth were entertaining to watch, to say the least.  We had seen them in October of last year at Austin City Limits and they have really tightened up since that performance.  The band includes six members, three of whom contribute to the percussion section.  The female lead singer, Nora Patterson was especially impressive, however the alternating vocals of her and Gary Larsen really complimented each other.  Their genre is a pop/rock/dance feel that engaged the crowd well.  Toward the end of their performance, Larsen got down on the floor with the audience, and sang amongst them while beating on a drum that he brought from the stage. This was really energizing for those right in front; everyone seemed to enjoy the performance.

Royal Teeth is allowing free downloads (the price of an email address) of "Wild" at their bandcamp site:
Bandcamp Click Here

It was our second time seeing A Silent Film, as well.  They did a great job, as predicted, and seemed to have a fan base at the show, which is always fun.  Surprisingly enough, it wasn’t a sold out show.  A Silent Film contains four members from Oxford, UK.  It’s incredible this band hasn’t taken off more quickly.  They are a pleasure to watch and definitely amusing.  They consider their genre to be “Alternative/Rock” and we would have to agree.  They played both new songs and old songs from previous albums to give variety to the fans who came to the show.

One of our favorites from their latest album:

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