Friday, March 8, 2013

Some Folks We Need to Know

     It’s difficult to say whether an upward trend in the enjoyment of Indie Folk is real or perceived. We certainly pay more attention to the Folk genre than ever before. If it is real, the reason behind the trend is even more speculative. Is it, as some many hold, a result of a few band breaking out? Mumford & Sons, The Lumineers,…
     Regardless of the reality and the rationale of an upward trend, here are some quick references to recent Indie Folk releases. The focus will be on Free, Legal and Recommended downloads (FLR downloads) of songs that deserve more attention than they are receiving. Some of the free downloads require that you travel to another site, but you can sample each song in order to decide whether it's worthwhile to you.

     "Running For Cover" by Ivan & Alyosha.

     "America's Son" by Air Review - The Free Download is available at NPR, which has 99 other songs with it (Click Here for our March 5 Blog Post),

      OK, it’s official. Indie Obsessive is obsessed with "Taking Alcatraz" and its message (“A line in the sand don’t matter if you don’t care.”). By Field Report

     "Going Somewhere" by Gareth Dunlop - This Free Download requires a trip to the performer's website: Gareth Dunlop Click Here

     "Thanatophobia" by The Duke of Norfolk

"Thanatophobia" is a .Wav file, not an MP3. But the MP3 is available for the price of an email address at Bandcamp Click here

     "Forty Years" by The Good Legs

     "Battles" by Bike Thief

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