Tuesday, April 29, 2014

All Hands, So We’re Not "On Deck"

     Every two years, there is an “all hands” opportunity that is unrelated to music. Specifically, people with whom we professionally cooperate are brought to our area from various parts of the world, so that everyone can shake hands. The only downside is that it limits our time to write about bands we believe are deserving of promotion. That said, here are songs that we would like to spend more time praising.
     Thank you to Rick Moreno for an email invitation to feature the song “Water” by Jack Garratt. The Internet information about Garratt is limited, but we can tell you that he is a Londoner and that he is working on his debut album, which will include "Water." 

     Thank you to another blog for alerting us to “In Your Dreams” by Ghost Estates. This is a band with more history, but we really like the prospects for the future of Ghost Estates. In the above picture, three of the members are looking up and to the right at that future. “In Your Dreams” is Pop heavy with a shoegaze guitar emphasis. The band hales from Dublin, Ireland and its members are Dan Doherty (drums, bass, sampler, keyboard, and vocals), Brian Giles (guitar, and loop machine), and Colm Giles (bass, synth, and vocals).
       “In Your Dreams” by Ghost Estates

      The third song Is “Dust” by The White Bicycles, another band from London. The members of The White Bicycles are Matthew Howes, Ryan Nolan, and Jack Curnow. 
     “Dust” by The White Bicycles

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