Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Dominant Female Vocals

     The common feature among the songs in this post is a heavy reliance upon female vocals. A song with vocals which accompany equally powerful instrumentation would not qualify. The vocals have to carry the song in the same manner that discussions about the Packers dominate conversations if you visit someone in Green Bay.
     The Pierces have been together since 2000. This is a duo comprising sisters Allison Pierce and Catherine Pierce. In addition to the vocals, Allison contributes the guitar and Catherine plays the drums. Earlier this year, The Pierces released their fifth album, which is entitled “Creation.” Our favorite track from the album is “Kings.”

     Layla is a Londoner who threw “Smokestack” at us, and it is thrown with force. Yes, the song includes a choir, horns and strings, but the song is clearly carried by the vocals of Layla.


     Adna is another sub-twenty year old who crashed the Indie party, but is now a welcomed guest. Adna is currently based in Berlin, Germany, but she is originally from Gothenburg, Sweden. Our song of preference is “Night.”

    Salt Ashes is the performance moniker of 22 year old Veiga Sanchez, a singer/songwriter based in Brighton, UK. The song “Little Dove” is the song of choice for us.

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