Tuesday, April 15, 2014

MS MR and Jagwar Ma – A Concert Review

     We headed to the Fillmore again last night. This time it was to see MS MR and Jagwar Ma, with both bands making the trip from Indio during the gap between the two weekends of Coachella. There were two take-aways from the experience:
             1. My blogging partner should be trusted in the selection of concerts to attend (thank you, again); and
            2. Never assume that seeing a band once provides a clear picture of what the band is capable of offering in a live setting. Sure, I had seen both bands before, but this experience was lunar years ahead of the earlier opportunities (the lunar eclipse of last evening was a mere coincidence).
     We were scheduled to see MS MR at a Texas festival last year, but rain had the final say. So, despite one of us having attended their performance at Outside Lands in 2013, the car was Fillmore-bound.  The band is fronted by Lizzy Plapinger (MS) and Max Hershenow (MR), and is supported by two musicians (we didn’t catch the names, so they are pictured below). Plapinger was on fire and her red/pink hair reflected that fact. She seemed in a great frame of mind and a charismatic performance was one result. At times, her dance was simply individual movements of her shoulders in rhythm with the song, but even then the dancing was a show in itself. And how can the lyrics of “Think of You” be sung with the emotion they require, while still causing an audience to feel uplifted? Well, Plapinger pulled it off. The lyrics include:

“You made pain your lover,
Infidelity not discrete.
I knew you found another,
How could I compete?
Abusive words covered me like dust
I waited to know for sure
You only give loveless lost.

I still think of you
And all the shit you put me through,
And I know you were wrong.
I still think of you
And all the shit you put me through
And I know now, I know you were wrong.”
     “Think of You” by MS MR

      “Hurricane” by MS MR – currently, this is being offered as a free download.

     “Ash Tree Lane” by MS MR – currently, this is being offered as a free download.

The MS MR setlist from last night was:
1.      Bones 
2.      No Trace
3.      Salty Sweet
4.      BTSK
5.      Fantasy
6.      Think Of You
7.      Do I Wanna Know? (Arctic Monkeys cover)
8.     Head Is Not My Home
9.      This Isn't Control
10.  Dark Doo Wop
11.  Ash Tree Lane
12.  Dance Yrself Clean (LCD Soundsystem cover)
13.  Hurricane

     Jagwar Ma is an Australian band that received high praise during the 2013 European festival season. Last night provided some insights as to the reasons. The musical approach of Jagwar Ma is similar to that of Grimes, with the heavy emphasis on voice sampling and an electronic board. We enjoy the music of Grimes, but the sound of Jagwar Ma is more dynamic and full, since it includes a bass guitar and a much more powerful electronic board.  
     “Come Save Me" by Jagwar Ma

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