Saturday, April 12, 2014

Kongos Win the Poker Hand

     A little over a week ago, we went to a concert performance by Delta Rae, which includes two brothers and their sister – three siblings with the surname “Hölljes.” In poker parlance, that’s three of a kind. This week, it was Haim, with the three sisters. But they added their father and mother for an encore presentation of “Mustang Sally.” So, it was three siblings and two others with the surname “Haim.” That’s a "flush" of Haims, and a flush beats three of a kind. Well, four of a kind beats a flush, so the four Kongos brothers walk away with the best poker hand among the three bands.
     The four members are Dylan Kongos (bass and vocals), Daniel Kongos (guitar and vocals), Jesse Kongos (percussion and vocals), and Johnny Kongos (accordion, keyboard, and vocals). Yes, accordion: and they raise the ante by throwing in some slide guitar. The brothers are originally from South Africa, but spend part of their childhoods in London. They are now based in Phoenix, Arizona. 
      Embedded below is Kongos' April 2nd appearance on Seth Meyers. Unfortunately, it's a video hosted by Hula, so the commercial is unavoidable. But it's worth your time. But if you prefer, the Soundcloud version of the song is also embedded.

     “Come with Me Now” by Kongos

     “Escape" by Kongos

     “Take Me Back" by Kongos - This is currently a free download.

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