Friday, April 25, 2014

“Ring” by The Fugitives – A Song Review

     We received an email invitation to review the song “Ring” by The Fugitives. We hit the “clickable” link to the Soundcloud version of the song and the sound of a piano came across the speakers. Looking at the Soundcloud waveform, we saw the piano portion as being two short bursts with trailing edges. So far, so good. The short piano solo was followed by a section of piano-accompanied vocals. Hey, that’s even better. Then, harmonization entered and “Ring” was better yet. But the best was saved for the section that began at the 3:16 mark, when the vocals started an energy swell that was soon aided by the strings and then the return of the piano bursts. We were immediately hooked. The Fugitives have vocal strength; the arrangement and production of “Rings” is well-considered and well-executed; and the selection of instruments (piano, acoustic guitar and strings) should be used as a model by musicians trying to learn from bands that do things right (in terms of instrument selection based on the "feel" of the song).
     The Fugitives are “Adrian Glynn, Brendan McLeod, and band” from Vancouver, British Columbia. The Soundcloud page states that “Rings” will be a on the album “Everything Will Happen,” which is scheduled to drop on May 26, 2014.

     “Ring” by The Fugitives

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