Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March Songs that Bear Repeating

     As a welcome to the new month, here are favorite songs from March posts of Indie Obsessive.

     “Forest on the Hill” by Hunter & the Bear (from the March 13th post)

     “Seasoned Noise” by Manolo Panic (from the March 15th post)

     “Seasons (Waiting onYou)” by Future Isands  (from the March 23rd post)

     "Trading Cards” by The Mispers (from the March 9th post) 

     “Toska” by Broken Records (from the March 13th post) 

     "Faith (feat. Kele Okereke)" by V V Brown (from the March 14th post)

     “Free” by Chasing Grace (from the March 19th post)

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