Thursday, April 24, 2014

Cold and Warm – Two Song Reviews

     This post considers two songs with very little in common, so we manufactured a connection. One is about cold – “Paths Are Frozen” by Inland Traveler. The other is more aligned with warmth – “Summer” by Farrow.

     Inland Traveler is Gerald Edward (guitar, vocals), Katie Locke (keys, vocals), and Lucas Madrazo (guitar, percussion, vocals). For the song “Paths Are Frozen,” Charles Keith Sztyk aided with the percussion.  They are based in Brooklyn, New York.
      In the song “Paths Are Frozen,” we particularly enjoy the clean guitar riffs, the blend of male and female vocals, and the energy surge that starts at about 3:35.
     “Paths Are Frozen” by Inland Traveler

     “Paths Are Frozen” - This is the Bandcamp stream. Currently, the band is allowing free downloads.

     Farrow is from Melbourne, Australia. The members are Will Cuming, Jess Bonnitcha, Ross Beaton, Louise Cuming, Justin Olsson, and Leigh Olsson. As an aside, Will Cuming was mentioned in the March 16, 2014 post, which included a song from his side project (Lanks).
      "Summer” is the type of song that is too easily judged without the listener giving the track a sufficient chance. The song starts without easily perceived complexities. The instrumentation is smooth, but not attention-grabbing. The vocalization is not demanding. But at the 2:33 mark in the song, a succession of features begins with each feature being worthwhile. The succession goes through the remainder of “Summer,” and includes (a) a crisp guitar sound, (b) a percussion focus, (c) a second guitar sound, (d) female vocals, (e) a female/male round, (f) a horn that accompanies female/male harmonization, (g) guitar, and (h) a collaborative Rock.
     “Summer” by Farrow

          “Summer” by Farrow - This is the Bandcamp stream. Currently, the band is allowing free downloads.

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