Monday, April 14, 2014

Cleanin’ Out My Closet (of Deserving Songs) - April Version

     We periodically look at the songs that have been listed for mention, but have undeservedly remained on the list for too long. Assuming we still find the songs blogworthy, we dedicate a post to them, although they may be in very different genres. Today, it’s time to clean out the closet.  
     Powered Cows is an interesting name for a band, but it’s their music that maintains the interest. Powdered Cows refers to itself as a four-piece Indie guitar band. The members are Martin Roberts (rhythm guitar, synth and lead vocals), James Worrall (bass, drums and backing vocals), Deena Jackman (lead guitar), and Giles Tubbs (drums). They hail from Bournemouth, Britain.
      We particularly appreciate the song “Fear of the Second.”

     Mercucio is an electronic duo from Melbourne, Australia. They are Hayden Charles and Brad Price. The song "El Dorado" is currently available as a free download.

     Finally, we head to Copenhagen, Denmark, the home of Alcoholic Faith Mission. The five members are Sune Sølund, Thorben Seierø Jensen, Kristine Permild, Anders Hjort, and Morten Hyldahl.
      "Running with Insanity" by Alcoholic Faith Mission

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