Sunday, April 27, 2014

Live 105 BFD 2014 – The Festival Stage Preview

Above are the bands that perform on the Festival Stage
     Each year, a local radio station (Live 105) presents a one-day festival at Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, California. The 2014 date is June 1. The festival is named “Live 105 BFD;” and it has a very attractive format. The headliners are on the permanent amphitheater stage during the evening, but the efficient arrangement is the one in the afternoon. A temporary “Festival Stage” is actually a pair of stages positioned adjacent to each other, so that a good vantage point for one stage is as good or nearly as good for the other. As a band performs on one of the stages, the adjacent stage is being prepared for the next band. This permits almost continuous music for more than five hours. 
     The afternoon arrangement also enables easily accessible alternative music choices, since there are both a succession of selected local bands performing at the “Soundcheck Stage” and a number of high energy performances occuring at the “Subsonic Stage/Tent.”

     The full list of opportunities is at the bottom of this post. But today’s focus is on the Festival Stage(s). The eleven bands are more heavily Indie Pop than is normal for the BFD Festival. Past lists have included a healthy number of Indie Pop bands, but also had one or more bands that could only be described as Punk, Metal or Folk. Many of the 2014 bands already have at least one song that has garnered attention in the Pop genre. Below is a song from each of the eleven bands.  

     “Think of You” by MS MR

     “Dangerous" by Big Data

     “I Wanna Get Better" by Bleachers

     “Aviation High" by Semi Precious Weapons

     “Come with Me Now" by Kongos

     “Liquid Arms" by Birds of Tokyo

     “Giants" by Bear Hands

     “Anna Sun" by Walk the Moon

     “Doses and Mimosas" by Cherub

     “Miss Teen Massachusetts" by Skaters

     “New York" by Finish Ticket

BFD 2014 Mainstage:
1.     Foster the People 
2.     M.I.A. 
3.     Fitz and The Tantrums 
4.     Phantogram 
5.     New Politics

Bud Light Festival Stage
1.     Walk The Moon 
2.     MS MR 
3.     KONGOS 
4.     Cherub 
5.     Bleachers 
6.     Birds Of Tokyo 
7.     Big Data 
8.     Bear Hands 
9.     Finish Ticket 

Bud Light Platinum Subsonic Stage:
1.     Flosstradamus 
2.     RAC 
3.     Giraffage 
4.     The Knocks 
5.     Amp Live
6.      WhiteNoize 
7.     Aaron Axelsen 
8.     St. John 
9.     Miles the DJ 
10.  John Beaver 
11.  DJ Dials

Soundcheck Local Band Stage:
1.     Waters 
2.     The Hundred Days 
3.     French Cassettes 
4.     Everyone Is Dirty 
5.     The Trims 
6.     Ghost Town Jenny 
7.     Breakdown Valentine 
8.     Fever Charm 
9.     Rio Rio

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  1. excited to see both Bleachers and Cherub on these lineups. I've been listening to both of them on repeat recently and can't wait for the albums to come out in May (Cherub) and July (Bleachers).