Sunday, April 13, 2014

UK Rock Radio Offers Another Free Sampler

     Seventeen free songs are being offered by UK Rock Radio. Below is the list of the songs and our recommendations from the list.  The free download file of the seventeen songs is at Dropbox - the URL for the file is identified on the UK Rock Radio at:

The songs in the file are:
01. Morning Parade - Under The Stars
02. Model Aeroplanes - Innocent Love
03. As Elephants Are – Crystal
04. The School - Why Do You Have To Break My Heart Again
05. Hannah Peel - Desolation Row
06. Little Shoes Big Voice – Nightfall
07. Colin Macleod - Old Wars
08. Luke Sital-Singh - Bottled Up Tight
09. Racing Glaciers – South
10. The Miserable Rich - Under Glass
11. Young Rebel Set - Tuned Transmission
12. Black Submarine - Here So Rain
13. The Family Rain - Trust Me... I'm A Genius
14. Darlia - Queen Of Hearts
15. The Phantoms – Revolution
16. The Bohicas – XXX
17. Chris T-T - The Bear

Racing Glaciers – "South"  

Morning Parade - "Under The Stars"  

The Phantoms – "Revolution"  

Model Aeroplanes - "Innocent Love" - Facebook:

Luke Sital-Singh - "Bottled Up Tight"  

Hannah Peel - "Desolation Row"  

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  1. Love your blog! Thank you for all the music links, late night schedules, and release dates, so helpful!