Tuesday, April 8, 2014

“House of Cards” by Holy Holy – A Song Review

     In the United States, the heyday of “Southern Rock” was the 1970s. That’s when bands like Marshall Tucker, the Outlaws and the Allman Brothers Band fused the “Country” guitar and some Blues with Rock to grab the attention of music listeners who might otherwise have stayed planted in a single area of interest. It appears that Australia is now in control of the baton and is gliding along in full stride.
     The latest band on this Australian relay team is Holy Holy. The band is something of a supergroup. The main contributors are singer/songwriter Timothy Carroll from Brisbane and guitarist/composer Oscar Dawson (Ali Barter, Dukes of Windsor) from Melbourne. Their sound also features Ryan Strathie (Hungry Kids of Hungary) on drums and Graham Ritchie (Emma Louise) on bass.
      The song “House of Cards” demands attention. The guitar riffs are performed cleanly and and crisply. The harmonization is tight and could carry the song, if Holy Holy released an unplugged version of the song. And even after reaching a conclusion that we had added a new song to our "List of Obsession," the song hit a new gear at the 3:35 mark. 
      “House of Cards” by Holy Holy

      “Impossible Like You” by Holy Holy

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