Friday, April 4, 2014

Sounds Like – Common Characteristics

     Firstly, we have no problem with bands that have characteristics in common with other bands. In fact, if we enjoy the music of a band, it’s a positive that there’s more of a good thing, particularly if the commonality is unintended.
     Secondly, past posts of Indie Obsessive have noted common characteristics, but responses to the posts went something like, “What are you talking about?” Our conclusion is that we are prone to hallucinations. So, here are three more hallucinations.

    With the hope of achieving at least a little credibility, let’s start with the most apparent one. Terraplane Sun is a band that is headed our way and we will be in attendance at The Independent in San Francisco on April 21. They will be with Flagship and Little Daylight – tickets are still available, but we don’t understand why. They are based in Venice Beach and share vocal characteristics with another Southern California band, namely Foster the People.
       "Ya Never Know" by Terraplane Sun

       "Get Me Golden" by Terraplane Sun

       "Call It What You Want" by Foster the People

     Split Screens describes itself as a San Francisco-based psych-folk band. Better yet, the band describes its single "The Sinner" as possessing “a kind of ‘cowboy on mescaline’ imagery.” 
     It's not true for the other songs from Split Screens, but "The Sinner" does have vocal characteristics in common with those of Young the Giant (but we like the guitar work on this song more than any by Young the Giant).
     "The Sinner" by Split Screens

       "Crystallized" by Young the Giant

     Almost with each listen, we enjoy the song “Is This How You Feel?” even more. It’s a song from The Preatures, a band from Sydney, Australia. Vocally, there is no connection, but the rhythm certainly reminds us of Brooklyn’s Here We Go Magic. If our plans to attend Bonnaroo remain in place, we will be up front to see The Preatures, since it will be a high priority performance for us. 
     “Is This How You Feel?” by The Preatures

     “Make Up Your Mind" by Here We Go Magic

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  1. Have always been a big fan of Foster the People and am especially loving their new songs (especially Coming of Age) off their album, Supermodel.