Wednesday, April 23, 2014

“Waiting Here” by Jake Isaac – A Song Review

     With each opportunity to hear the song “Waiting Here” by Jake Isaac, we identify a number of reasons to appreciate the song. One is the similarity of the background vocals with those of “The Wolves” by Ben Howard. Perhaps it’s because there is a much anticipated opportunity to see Ben Howard (at the S.F. Outside Lands Festival this summer), but we think of Ben Howard when “Waiting Here” hits the 1:34 mark with its series of "Ooo"s. The "Ooo" series plays a longer and stronger role in the Jake Isaac song starting at 2:37.
      Jake Isaac is also a Londoner, so we did some research to determine whether there is an overlap of personnel with Ben Howard. No evidence was discovered, but that may merely be an insight into our searching skills.
     “Waiting Here” by Jake Isaac

“The Wolves” by Ben Howard – the best “Ooo” series is the one that begins at about 2:49.

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