Wednesday, June 18, 2014

An Open Letter to Kayne West – Our Apologies

To follow is an open letter of apology to Kayne West.

Dear Mr. West:
     Until today, our focus regarding your Bonnaroo performance of Friday the 13th, 2014, were misguided. My friend and I were among the vast majority of attendees who only considered your arrogant behavior and your inability to establish anything that approached an entertaining and professional performance flow. Admittedly, we viewed professionalism as a positive trait.
       During your performance, we sided with the people around us, who started with a positive attitude, but quickly experienced an attitude adjustment. We laughed when someone commented that the extended breaks between songs were necessary because your ego needed regular off-stage massages from your paid staff. We joined those in our area who ridiculed your quotes of “Where da press at?” and “I Am the Number One M_____F____ RockStar on the planet!.” And we followed the many Bonnarrovians who exited well before the end of your setlist.
     In the days that followed, we laughed at and took pictures of some of the more clever and creative Kayne-bashing graffiti. One of us accepted and proudly wears one of the wristbands that includes your name and an uncomplimentary term beginning with the letter “f.” And we found it entertaining when the Arctic Monkeys started their Sunday show with a promise not to rant.
     But today the light finally went on. It became clear that every conversation about our experiences at Bonnaroo included an enthusiastic description of the Kayne West episode. No one attracted a larger crowd at Bonnaroo and no one generated a stronger or longer lasting festival buzz.
     The organizers of the festival brought the “Kayne West Show” back to Bonnaroo despite the 2008 debacle. The wisdom of the decision was questioned. But if their decision was based on confidence that you have the ability to draw a crowd and create a memorable event, the move was brilliant. And if your job was to deliver upon those expectations, our brief description of your performance style needs to move from “clown-like” to “well executed.”
     We apologize. And it’s likely that Indie Obsessive will not be the only one rendering an apology for doubting you. Where da press at?!!!

     Very truly yours,
      Indie Obsessive

     “Confidence” by The Dodos

     “Confidence” by Connor Youngblood

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