Sunday, June 8, 2014

Cleanin’ Out My Closet (of Deserving Songs) – The British Isles Section

    We periodically look at the songs that have been listed for mention, but have undeservedly remained on the list for too long. Assuming we still find the songs blogworthy, we dedicate a post to them, although they may be in very different genres. Today, it’s time to clean out the portion of the closet that is associated with the British Isles.
     Let’s start with a band from a location that is well known for its music festival. Plastic Mermaids is from Isle of Wight. The members are Douglas Richards, Jamie Richards
Chris Jones, Tom Farren, and Chris Newnham. 
      “Polaroids” by Plastic Mermaids

     “Drømtorp” by Plastic Mermaids

     Nolita View is based in London and comprises Michael Clarke, Will Jacks, Tom Northeast, and Alex Smyth.
     “Bricks” by Nolita View

     Without leaving London or the “brick” theme, we visit Benbrick, which is the performance name of Paul Carter.
     "And So She Runs" by Benbrick

     Modern Minds are from Birmingham. The five members are Luke Pritchard (vocals and guitar), Adam Bills (backing vocals and guitar), Jason Payne (bass), Alex Williams (keys and synth) and Adam Phillips (drums).
     “What Are You Waiting For?” by Modern Minds

     “People” by Modern Minds

     “Girl at the Back of the Lens” by Modern Minds

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