Tuesday, June 10, 2014

“Breakfast with My Shadow” by Cloud Cult – A Song Review

     Cloud Cult is an eight-member band from Duluth, Minnesota. The band includes a recent instrument obsession (the trumpet) and our current instrument obsession (the cello). And there are “visual artists!” 
     The eight members are Craig Minowa (singer/songwriter and guitar), Arlen Peiffer (drums), Shannon Frid-Rubin (violin), Daniel Zamzow (cello), Shawn Neary (bass and trombone), Sarah Elhardt-Perbix (keyboard, French horn and trumpet), Connie Minowa (visual artist), and Scott West (visual artist and trumpet).

     The name of Cloud Cults' 2014 acoustic album is “Unplug” and it includes the track “Breakfast with My Shadow.” We enjoy the banjo intro for the song, but it’s the vocal blend that starts at the 2:30 mark that makes this song special.

“Unplug” – The song list
1.     You Were Born
2.     Breakfast with My Shadow
3.     The Ghost Inside Our House
4.     Chemicals Collide
5.     Responsible
6.     Purpose
7.     Chain Reaction
8.     Running with the Wolves
9.     Transistor Radio
10.   We Made Up Your Mind for You
11.   That Man Jumped Out the Window
12.   Pretty Voice
13.   Journey of the Featherless
14.   Light at the End of the Tunnel
15.   Step Forward
16.   Complicated Creation
17.   No One Said It Would Be Easy

     "Good Friend" - not on the song list, but it's a favorite

     "Running with the Wolves"

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