Friday, June 20, 2014

“Moosehead” by SPIES – A Song Review

     The term “shoegaze” originated from the appearance of guitarists as they seemed to stare at their feet while manipulating “effect pedals.” Well without question, the song “Moosehead” includes the on-the-fly processing effects that scream “Shoegaze!” But particularly in the final 40 seconds of the song, the changes in processing reach a level that caused us to scurry (there’s a word that never fails to trigger a humorous mental image) to the concert schedule of SPIES. It would be interesting to watch them perform “Moosehead.” Are the effects "foot generated?" Are are they primarily "distortion fed?"
     Turns out, SPIES hails from Dublin, Ireland and they have no immediate plans for a U.S. tour. Ireland? With a song named “Moosehead,” we would have put money on Canada. The members are Michael Broderick (vocals), Conor Cusack (lead guitar), Neil Dexter (rhythm guitar), Hugh O’Dwyer (bass), and Jeffrey Courtney (drums).
     What’s not to like about “Moosehead?” The lyrics are well conceived, particularly in the use of metaphors: “My mind’s a six story building with suits…” and “ My mind’s a freight train…” The shoegaze is “all in,” but is not a distraction. The vocals are solid.

     “Moosehead” by SPIES (the video is embedded below)

     “Distant Shorelines” by SPIES

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  1. please write the lyrics, I'll make a translation to spanish!!!