Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Considering Early Day Festival Opportunities

     So, you’re on a plane heading toward Tennessee and you’re looking at the schedule for the Bonnaroo festival. What bands that play prior to 6:00 pm are of greatest interest? The pre-six opportunities are the best ones, since they don’t require that a festival-goer arrive an hour in advance in order to have a suitable vantage point. A suitable position is one that allows a fan to feel she/he has an insight in the performance personalities of the members.
      On Thursday, The Preatures play at 3:00. We haven’t seen them live, but have seen the televised performace from SXSW in March. Love their energy and the stage presence of the female lead singer. What’s her name? Can’t check now, remember you’re on a plane.

     Sam Smith is on early on Friday. After  he wowed the U.S. audience with his performance  on Saturday Night Live, how can he be an early performer. That’s a mistake.

     Rudimental on Thursday at 3:15. Oh wait, this is the original schedule and Rudimental has since been removed from the lineup. This is the second time that has occurred this year, if you bought tickets to see them with Ellie Goulding in San Francisco. Rudimental is like the magician’s assistant – both disappear.
     Vintage Trouble is one of the first performances on Friday. Even if it’s not your style of music (21st century James Brown), this is worthwhile. The energy is non-stop and infectious.
     Ben Howard at 4:30 on Friday. Why isn’t this guy creating more buzz in the U.S. Even if he only had “Keep Your Head Up” in his discography, ya gotta go.

     Cake on Saturday. This band is entertaining even when they aren’t playing a song. And there’s a trumpet!
     Typhoon before Cake. Gotta love those bands that have so many members that it’s clear they aren’t in this just for the money. “Dreams of Cannibalism” is their best and a treat in concert.

     HAERTS on Saturday – early? Come on United States music lovers. How many bands are we underappreciating? Our excuse is that no one can be aware of even half the great songs available to our ears. There just isn’t enough time.

    Capital Cities on Sunday. Is it possible to see these guys too often?     

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