Sunday, June 8, 2014

John Butler Trio – A Band Review

     One of the benefits of attending a multi-day festival is that there is always at least one discovery of a band and at least one discovery that you underappreciated a band. For us and the upcoming Bonaroo Festival, the tag of being the most underappreciated band currently goes to John Butler Trio. Obsessive behavior is being demonstrated with respect of “Only One” and the live version of “Revolution.”
     The John Butler Trio is based in Fremantle, Australia and is formed of John Butler, Nicky Bomba (Drums), and Byron Luiters (Bass). The song “Revolution” has a Bob Marley message with the Reggae suppressed.
      “Only One” by John Butler Trio - The live performance is embedded here also.

      “Revolution” by John Butler Trio

      “Mystery Man” by John Butler Trio

      “Only One” by John Butler Trio on Conan

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