Tuesday, June 24, 2014

From the Indie Obsessive Mailbox – It’s June

     There have some quality suggestions in the Indie Obsession mailbox lately. There isn’t time to cover all of the worthwhile submissions, but here are three highlights.

     It’s not our normal mode of operation to post a newly released video of a song we previously featured. However, our attitude about the song “Skydive” does not fit the norm either. So, the video release is merely being used as a convenient excuse to re-promote the song.

    “Skydive” by Astronauts

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Astronauts/141403006034771
     Quoting the email submission:
     "Astronauts is the new project from Dan Carney, formerly of critically acclaimed East London alt-folkers Dark Captain. After his former band finished in 2012, at the end of a five-year stint that saw numerous trips to Europe, a single of the week on iTunes US, and a spot in the Guardian’s end of year best albums list, Dan decided to go it alone, albeit enlisting the help of a few friends – most frequently former band mate Michael Cranny – as and when he needs it.
      Debut single ‘Skydive’ arrived in June – a cascading, gently menacing mish-mash of creaking acoustic guitar, bleeps, electronic beats, and breathy vocal harmonies, which tell a tale of escape from constraint and freedom to fly unchecked through the air."

     Sometimes persistence pays dividends. This is not one of those times. Sure, notices regarding the release of an EP by Pixel Fix arrived from multiple email addresses and from social media messaging. But the bottom line is that the lead track, “Lungs,” deserves attention, so the persistence wasn’t a requirement for attracting attention (but it never hurts).
      “Lungs” by Pixel Fix

     Quoting one of the email submisisons:
     "Oxford based band Pixel Fix announce new EP ‘Running Thin’. The EP will be released on August 4th and is available in digital and physical formats (including cassette tape).
     Following on from last EP ‘Fall’ the third delivers the distinctive electronic and
atmospheric sound the young band have been mastering for the past 18 months.
Laced with reverb laden blissful synths, guitar riffs coated with effects and ethereal vocals, ‘Running Thin’ is set to see Pixel Fix continue to make their unique mark on the music scene.
     Lead track ‘Lungs’ is filled with glitchy guitars, up-tempo beats, dreamy synths, and Marcus’ hypnotizing vocals, which all blend together to make a gloriously hook filled track.
     Pixel Fix are Clem Cherry (guitar), Rob Armitage (drums), Marcus Yates (vox / guitar), Jarred Phillips (bass)."

     Thirdly, there is the song “Waters” by Eliza Shaddad. It was the guitar work at the start of “Waters” that initially attracted our attention to the submission. But the voice of Eliza Shaddad maintained the attention.
     Unfortunately, the Soundcloud version of the song is not set to allow embedding elsewhere. There is likely some strategy to this, but we’re not knowledgeable enough to know the benefits. It’s not “Hype Machine friendly.” So, we just embed the Youtube video.
     “Waters” by Eliza Shaddad

     Quoting the email submisison:
     "London based singer-songwriter Eliza Shaddad is proud to present the official music video for "Waters", the intoxicating lead single from her debut EP of the same name (Out on June 16, 2014 via Beatnik Creative). Masterfully directed by Liam Saint-Pierre…
     Born to Sudanese and Scottish parents, Eliza Shaddad is a descendent of a long line of artists and poets dating back to the 1800’s. Eliza’s great great grandfather was James Paterson, one of the Glasgow Boys – a group of artists challenging the style and subject of late Victorian Scottish painting."

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