Sunday, June 29, 2014

“Headlights” by The White Raven - In the Goldilocks Zone

     The White Raven has released its first single, namely “Headlights.” There isn’t much available on this band, at least not in the United States. So, in an attempt to be creative, this post will include three songs with the title “Headlights.” The one by The White Raven is in the “Goldilocks Zone," since Morning Parade’s is too soft (a little too Poppy) and Eminem’s is too hard (far too many “F bombs’). We’re not saying that the song by The White Raven is “just right,” but it is definitely in that zone.
      "Headlights" begins with an approach that suggests that it's another quality contribution from Volcano Choir. However, the song soon takes a separate direction. The White Raven is from Helsingborgs, Sweden. The members are Sebastian Wijk (Lead vocals and Guitar), Daniel Engdahl (drums), Gabriel Melin Svensson (bass), and Marcus Eriander (guitar). 

    “Headlights” by The White Raven

     “Headlights” by Morning Parade (too soft?)

     “Headlights” by Eminem (featuring Nate Ruess of Fun.)

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