Thursday, June 19, 2014

UK Rock Radio Offers A Sixth Free Sampler

     Sixteen free songs are being offered by UK Rock Radio. Below is the list of the songs and our recommendations from the list.  The free download file of the sixteen songs is at Dropbox - the URL for the file is identified on the UK Rock Radio at

The songs in the file are:
01. We Show Up on Radar - "The Anchors In Your Heart"
02. Elephant - "Elusive Youth"
03. Postcards from Jeff - "A House"
04. Flags - "This Old House"
05. The Hazey Janes - "If Ever There Is Gladness"
06. Dropkick - "Halfway Round Again"
07. John Matthias - "Jackie Bouvier"
08. Bipolar Sunshine – "Blossom"
09. Fujiya And Miyagi - "Acid to My Alkaline"
10. Labyrinth Ear – "Urchin"
11. Spotlight Kid - "Sugar Pills"
12. Broken Records – "Revival"
13. Saturday Sun - "Down To The Forest"
14. Jake Evans - "This Is Life"
15. Gaoler's Daughter - "How Do You Know"
16. The Moons - "Get Ready"

     "The Anchors In Your Heart" by We Show Up on Radar (we enjoy the group vocals, which are first heard at the 1:03 mark).

     "Revival" by Broken Records

     "Blossom" by Bipolar Sunshine

     "This Old House" by Flags

     "How Do You Know" by Gaoler's Daughter

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