Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Early Morning Rebel – A Band Review

     Being trapped on an airplane without Internet access, it was an opportune time to review the orphaned music that sits as separate icons on the laptop’s desktop. A couple of songs were discarded. A greater number were “unorphaned” into a suitable folder. But the icons of two songs were left on the desktop for introduction to Indie Obsessive. One song was “Shallow Breath” by Early Morning Rebel.
     So, the research kicked in this morning. Early Moring Rebel is a duo based in Los Angeles. The members are Nathan Blumenfeld-James and Dustin Bath. They gained some traction when “Life Boat” was played during an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, but we prefer at least three other songs. Still, hats off to the music coordinator of Grey’s Anatomy (Danny Lux) for regularly finding deserving Indie performers.
      We haven’t settled on the song we would select if the “Lords of Indie” were to set a limit of one song per band. There are two leading candidates, and a third that is slightly behind, Therefore, we embed all three.  

      "Tell Me What It Matters" by Early Morning Rebel

     “Shallow Breath” by Early Morning Rebel - Currently, this is being offered as a free download

     “War on Love” by Early Morning Rebel - Currently, this is being offered as a free download
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/earlymorningrebel

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