Friday, June 27, 2014

Little May – A Band Update

     Little May released the song “Dust” this month. Little May is a trio from Sydney, Australia comprising Liz Drummond, Hannah Field, and Annie Hamilton. The strength of the band is its harmonization of the three female voices, each of which could vocally carry most bands.
     “Dust” is more percussion-driven than the 2013 releases from Little May, which shows the flexibility to the trio. The first portion of the song uses the percussion merely as a “feature” that is woven (nicely mixed) with the other features. Then, the center portion allows the percussion to step forward and take more attention, although the vocals remain the defining feature of the band. In the final portion, which starts at the 2:53 mark, the acoustic guitar strumming is percussive in its function. Well played, Little May!!!
     Also embedded below is the song “Boardwalks,” which allows us to know what we could expect if Ben Howard had three twin sisters. The song begins with a Howard-like guitar, but soon takes a turn in a direction departing from Howard. It’s at the 2:26 mark that “Boardwalks” incorporates everything we love about Ben Howard’s music into the sound of Little May. A swell starts at 2:26, the backing vocals soon kick in, and the lead vocals are pure.

     “Dust” by Little May

     “Boardwalks” by Little May 

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