Monday, June 23, 2014

“Broken Glass” by Jack Savoretti - A Song Review

     Maybe it’s time to get in the habit of recording the TV series “Grey’s Anatomy” just for the music. Four songs by Jack Savoretti have been used in the series. To its credit, another television series, “One Tree Hill,” was the first to use the music of Savoretti. But he just hasn’t received much traction on this side of the Atlantic. Perhaps a U.S. tour would make the difference. We’re late to the Savoretti party, but a concert opportunity in our area could have made a difference.
     Jack Savoretti certainly has ties to other countries. He was raised in London, but moved to a Swiss town on the Italian border (Lugano). He did attend SXSW in 2013. 
   For us, it was a chance meeting with the song “Broken Glass” that established the connection. The lyrics are heartfelt, the song is well arranged, and the vocals are pure.
     “Broken Glass” by Jack Savoretti

     “Lifetime” by Jack Savoretti


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