Sunday, June 1, 2014

A Scattered Video-Centric Post

     Our area of expertise is not videos. Still, lately we have seen some that we enjoy and want to share. The videos don’t have much in common – they are “scattered.”

     In the left-hand column, we identify the week’s opportunities to see Indie performers on late night television. In May, there were two performances that were different than the norm.
Rodrigo Y Gabriela "The Soundmaker" 05/08/14

     Rodrigo Y Gabriela are allowing free downloads of “Soundmaker” (and other songs) via Noisetrade.  

     The other late night performance was the visit of 2cellos to the Craig Ferguson show.

      Our favorite Facebook submission was for a video of a song that has a first portion in which the guitars demand attention, and maybe even a salute. The  Facebook message is pasted below:
Hi IO,
I play in a band called Pretend Surprise. We have a new music video for our forthcoming album. Let me know if you like it.
Matt Evans
     Hey Matt, we like it!

Bandcamp: (currently a free download)

     Our favorite “gone viral video” with a message is “Look Up.” The poetry is non-complex, but who cares.

     This one is interesting because the cartoons are multi-generatiional.

   Hey 50 Cent – don’t quit your day job!

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