Monday, December 1, 2014

Obsessive Behavior or Addictive Behavior toward “Home”

     Indie Obsessive has a number of quirky behavioral patterns. For example, certain song titles cause us to listen more closely to songs with the titles. And we listen with the hope and expectation that the song will prove itself blogworthy. Eighty-nine songs into this behavior, we still stop for every new song with the one-word title of “Crazy.” And we feel a small surge of enthusiasm each time we see a song with the word “Home” in the title.
     Is it obsessive behavior or additive behavior? After some reading, we decided it is “obsessive” (so, no change to the blog title required). Some differences:
   1. For addictive behavior, there is a satisfaction only when the person is engaged with the “substance.” We’re “only” obsessive, because we are equally enthusiastic about discovering a blogworthy song that doesn’t fit one of the obsessions.
   2. For addictive behavior, there is a decreasing benefit over time, but a belief that the early-stage enjoyment will return. We’re “only” obsessive, because we will move on when the enjoyment wanes. For example, we no longer search for Rock songs that use Bagpipes (but we love our collection).

     As a result of obsessive behavior, here are three Folk-related songs that include the word “Home” in their titles. The songs aren’t necessarily recent releases. But all three have been revisited by us repeatedly over the last two weeks.
     Xavier Rudd is a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist in Australia. He visited the Fillmore in San Francisco earlier this year. The song “Home” wasn’t part of the performance, since it is one from the past (2008).
     Don’t make the mistake of judging “Home” too quickly. It begins with songbirds before moving to a subdued combination of vocals and acoustic guitar. The song becomes blogworthy when Xavier Rudd starts showing his vocal skills at the 1:46 mark. 


     The Young Folk is from Dublin, Ireland. The members are Anthony Furey, Paul Butler, Karl Hand, Tony Mcloughin, and Alex Borwick. The song that belongs in this post is “Way Home.”

     The third song is “The Way Home” by Big Little Lions, which is comprised of the songwriting duo of Paul Otten and Helen Austin. They identify their “hometown” as Comox Valley (Canada) and Cincinnati, Ohio (U.S.).

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