Tuesday, December 22, 2015

“Actors” by Bravestation – A Song Review

     In the final days of 2015, we’ll try to reduce the length of the list of blog-ready songs. Bravestation recently released an official video for the song “Actors.” The video sometimes has difficulty loading, so the Soundcloud stream is also embedded in this post.
     In the mixing of “Actors” there is an emphasis on percussion, and it’s deserved. For much of the song, the drumming lacks any complexity. Still, the percussion drives the flow of the song and toward the end plays the main role. The vocal effects are also noteworthy.

     Bravestation is based in Toronto, Canada. The members are Devin Wilson (vocals, bass, keyboards), Derek Wilson (guitar, keyboards) and Jeremy Rossetti (percussion).
     “Actors” by Bravestation

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