Monday, December 7, 2015

“Suzanne” by EFG – A Song Review

     Music is the shorthand of emotion.” That’s the only Leo Tolstoy quote we know, and there’s a good chance a second won’t be added in the near future. The latest reminder of the truth behind that statement is the song “Suzanne” by EFG, a trio based in Los Angeles.
     The guitar in “Suzanne” conveys both a passionate intensity and a resolute vulnerability. At times, the guitar has a complexity, but it periodically switches to a simple approach of one-note-per-vocal-syllable.
     The lyrics of “Suzanne” reinforce the emotion, but more as support than as the primary vehicle of the message:
Oh Suzanne,
You’ve taken my life in your hands,
And I won’t be looking away,
When love changes back into hate.”

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