Thursday, December 31, 2015

Throwback Thursday – Pianos and Sleeping

     It’s the last day of the year and television programming is focused on reviewing the last 12 months. The blog post goes further back.

     Art of Sleeping released the album “Like a Thief” in 2012. Among the tracks was “Above the Water.” The band is based  in Brisbane, Australia, and comprises Caleb Hodges (vocals, guitars), Jean-Paul Malengret (drums), Jarryd Shuker (keyboards), Patrick Silver (guitars) and Francois Malengret (bass).
     “Above the Water" by Art of Sleeping 

     “Late Lives” was originally blog-relevant with the 2014 release of the album “Keep You.” It was the third album from Pianos Become the Teeth. The song is blog-relevant again, because the official video is now available.
     Pianos Become the Teeth is based in Baltimore, Maryland. The members are Kyle Durfey (vocals), Chad McDonald (guitar), Michael York (guitar), David Haik (drums) and Zac Sewell (bass). 
     “Late Lives” by Pianos Become the Teeth

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