Tuesday, December 8, 2015

“Tides” by Xul Zolar – A Song Review

     Xul Zolar percussively pushed its way into the blogosphere. That is, while there are other reasons “Tides” should be featured in blog posts, the drums are responsible for first grabbing and then holding the attention of the listener. It’s common for us to listen to a song and hope to see a band in order to pay attention to a guitarist. The hope to watch a drummer occurs far less often. But it happens each time “Tides” is played.
     The percussion is the obsession, but “Tides” also includes quick paced guitar bursts and ambient vocals that considerably add to the appeal of the song. “Tides” is the title track of a four-song EP released by Xul Zolar in October 2015.

     Xul Zolar is a trio based in Cologne, Germany. The members are Ronald Röttel, Marin Geier and Dennis Hofmann.
     “Tides” by Xul Zolar

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