Tuesday, December 15, 2015

“Breathless” by Fairchild – A Song Review

     Regardless of whether you’re in the camp of judging musicians on their “body of work” or your're always on the lookout for singles (even if they are from "one hit wonders"), if you haven’t been paying attention to Fairchild, it’s time to start. This band from Gold Coast, Australia continues to bring fresh reasons to be obsessive. “Breathless” is the latest reason.

     Fairchild is from Australia, but the six-member band is now based in the UK (Manchester). The members are Adam Lyons (vocals), Nathan Lyons (keyboard), Tim Voeten (guitar) Patrick Huerto (guitar), Tommy Davies (bass) and James Alexander (drums).

     “Breathless” by Fairchild

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  1. Hey guys, if you like this check out their previous EP, Sadako: http://www.okgoodrecords.com/blog/discography/fairchild-sadako-ep/