Friday, December 25, 2015

“Jobs I Had Before I Got Rich & Famous” by Walter Martin - A Song Review

     Many people have a series of unconnected low-paying jobs when first entering the employment market, but only a few write a song about the experiences. Walter Martin is one. For Martin, the series was lawn mower, low-level florist, pizza delivery driver, switchboard operator, and attendant at a museum information counter. Then, he found his calling – one that “sure beats mowing lawns,” because:
“The pretty girls flock from far and near
To touch my hand and hear my song
And buy my T-shirts and sing along.”

     Until 2013, the T-shirts were those of The Walkmen. That's when The Walkmen announced an “extreme hiatus.” Walter Martin was an original member of the band, as bassist and organist. In his current "job," Martin is scheduled to release his debut album on January 29, 2016.

Lyrics of “Jobs I Had Before I Got Rich & Famous”
Mowing lawns, saving up for a guitar
When I was fifteen and long and lean
And just like that grass, boy I was green.

Delivering roses in Washington D.C.
Going off to college so I had to save up
But delivering roses really sucks
Sweating all summer in a slimy tux
But at least I made a couple bucks.

Freshman in college I was delivering pizza
But to deliver one pie was a half an hour round trip
And college kids, man, they don’t tip
So I quit; and it was their loss
‘Cause I was the only driver not stealing from the boss
And siphoning gas from students’ cars.

Metropolitan Museum at the telephone switchboard
When a caller would ask for Phillip de Montebello
I’d transfer them to my apartment
Where an unsuspecting fellow,
My roommate Stewart, so sound asleep
Would answer the phone when he heard the beep
And pretty quick they’d realize he wasn’t Phillip.

Information counter at the Cloisters Museum
And one day Billy Joel walks in
I take a long, long look at him
A dignified old music man
And that’s when I devised my plan.

That little plan has brought me here
Where the spotlight shines and the people all cheer
And the pretty girls flock from far and near
To touch my hand and hear my song
And buy my T-shirts and sing along
Goddamn this sure beats moving lawns.

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