Wednesday, December 16, 2015

DreamVacation – A Band Review

     DreamVacation provides music having an emotional conviction. The specific emotion isn’t readily apparent, but the level of conviction is. For example, the lyrics of “Press Play” aren’t easily identifiable, but that doesn’t matter because the attitude conveyed in the vocalization is sufficiently powerful to sell the message, whatever it might be.
     But the attraction to DreamVacation is more than vocalization. Each of the three songs released by the band layers guitars with other elements of the song. The layering of Shoegaze guitar is effective. And the transitions from one element to the next are seamlessly executed. The best example of transitioning is within the first 30 seconds of “Press Play,” in which the song begins with guitar fluctuation reminiscent of a European siren that soon transitions into a sound reminiscent of the intro of Van Halen’s “Running with the Devil,” which leads to a crescendo transitioning into the heart of the song.

     DreamVacation is based in Los Angeles. The four members identify the band as a project of their band Atlantic Line, but we’re hopeful that they focus on the sound of DreamVacation. The members are Ray Silva (vocals, guitar), Noah Alexander (drums), Morgan Terrinoni (guitar) and Gerry Matthews (bass).

     “Press Play” by DreamVacation (Currently, the band is allowing free downloads.)

     “End of Time” by DreamVacation (Currently, this a free download.)

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