Thursday, December 17, 2015

“To Hold Her” by Lejón – A Song Review

     “To Hold Her” has been available for about 10 months, but we only recently heard the song. "To Hold Her" has a beauty in its vocal and instrumental simplicity and a gentle power within the swell that occurs at the 1:45 mark.

      Lejón is based in Norway (Ulsteinvik/Eidsvoll). “To Hold Her” is most closely aligned with the Austin, Texas band The Eastern Sea (particular the vocal similarities of Lejón with Matthew Hines of the Austin group). The members of Lejón are Rolf Magne Tømte (Lejón), Wendi Pendeza Kazonza, Fred Michael Knotten, and Karl Gøsta Klaseie.
     “To Hold Her” by Lejón

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