Wednesday, December 30, 2015

“Afloat” by Richard J Aarden

     The song “Afloat” first surfaced in 2013, but it’s presence on Bandcamp was not highly visible. In September, the song resurfaced as a track on an EP released by Richard J Aarden. The title of the EP is “Stolid & Bruised.
     According to his wessite, Richard J Aarden is a singer/songwriter of Italian and Dutch extraction.

     “Afloat” by Richard J Aarden


Lyrics of “Afloat”
My mind is littered with unwanted thoughts,
In my heart the remnants of feelings I've lost.
The nights that I spent out destroying myself,
Now I let 'em sneak in like a disease.

Just to blow me away.

So here I'm standing with nothing to say,
The person I've been is no longer to blame.
I'm now heading nowhere, far from what we were.
The most that I can do for you is to keep on lying,

Just to blow you away,
Keeping afloat.

Can't you see? The sun is shining.
I'm out of this storm,
Keeping afloat.

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