Wednesday, December 23, 2015

“Star Crossed Lovers” by Passion Falls – A Song Review

      The song “The Greatest Adventure” was on the list of blogworthy songs for a couple of weeks. But in preparing for this blog post, “Star Crossed Lovers” hit the speakers – and that triggered a change in the song to be featured. Passion Falls only has the two songs available on Soundcloud. When a band is two-for-two in releasing blog-ready tracks, it’s time to get excited.
     “Star Crossed Lovers” is in a sweet spot with respect to Country aspects. There aren’t so many Country touches that Rock fans will run the other way, but there are enough to make a reference to Southern Rock a fair description. In comparison, “The Greatest Adventure” has a feel of another UK band we recommend – A Silent Film.

      Passion Falls is a Manchester-based band that includes Jonny Holland (vocals, keys), Stu Winnington (guitar, keys), Jordan Hunstone (percussion) and Joss Croasdale (bass).
     “Star Crossed Lovers” by Passion Falls

     “The Greatest Adventure” by Passion Falls

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