Friday, December 11, 2015

“Setting Out” by Citizen of the World – A Song Review

     Here’s the name of a band to watch in 2016 – Citizen of the World. Most bands struggle with getting traction because they lack “that voice.” Listening to their latest release, “Setting Out,” the conclusion is that Citizen of the World has three. Equally importantly, they are skilled at blending the three voices to achieve vocalization that can be described as lush.
     The members of Citizen of the World are Gerrit Gmel (guitar, vocals) Kris Splittgerber (keyboard, vocals) Matt Brown (drums) and Ross Winley (bass, vocals). The band is currently based in Sydney, Australia. On the band’s Facebook page, they identify their genre as Epic Folk.
     Oh, that’s a trumpet that contributes to the attractiveness of “Setting Out.” If you research the Citizen of the World, you’ll find descriptions of the band’s ability to combine the “unique sound of the saxophone with acoustic folk and traditional rock.” The trumpet is our preferred instrument from the horns, so we are pleased that the band uses more than one wind instrument. 

     “Setting Out” by Citizen of the World

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