Tuesday, December 8, 2015

“French Class” by BLAJK – A Song Review

     BLAJK released another strong track. “French Class” is for those of us who enjoyed “Midnight City” by M83, but wish it included Rock elements that would withstand the test of time. BLAJK is an Electro Pop band, but their vocal approach is more Rock-ready than that of M83. And while “French Class” doesn’t end with the saxophone, the ending does have a greater emphasis on a more traditional Rock instrument - the guitar. We're not predicting that "French Class" will have the success of the M83 hit, but we prefer the cross-genre approach of BLAJK.
     BLAJK is based in Toronto, Canada. The members are Jordan Radics (vocals), Paul Doherty (guitar, production), Brent Gordon (guitar), Thomas Conrad (bass, keys) and Ray McTaggart (drums). Credit for the artwork (below) goes to Jiyeon Kathrina Hong. 

     “French Class” by BLAJK

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