Monday, May 16, 2016

Army of Bones – A Band Review

     The pattern of the two recent releases from Army of Bones is to firmly establish an initial perception of the song and then unleash the Rock guitar. The pattern is more obvious in “Break Away.” The song establishes a Pop Rock perception for nearly three-fourths of its duration, then “breaks away” at the 3:00 mark. The first three minutes of “Break Away” are vocal-centric, with the guitars providing important support roles. Then, the guitars temporarily take control, and the song is clearly Rock!
     In comparison, the start of “Don’t Be Long” hints at what will follow. The intro is guitar driven and the body includes soaring instruments and soaring vocals (falsetto). But the Rock isn’t fully engaged until 3:49.  

     Army of Bones is fronted by Martin Smith (guitar, vocals). The other members are Reuben Harsant (drums), Henry Marsden (bass), Sarah Bird (keys) and her husband Jonny Bird (guitar). The band is based in Brighton, UK.
     “Break Away” by Army of Bones

     “Don’t Be Long” by Army of Bones


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