Friday, May 6, 2016

“I'll Lead You There” (feat. Will Samson) by Message To Bears – A Song Review

     The latest release from Message To Bears is simultaneously relaxing and mentally invigorating. The arrangement of reverb-processed vocals with a combination of traditional and “synthetic” instrumentation has a soothing yet firm grip on the attention of the listener. “I’ll Lead You There” begins with a “natural” instrumental sound - an acoustic guitar. The guitar is soon joined by synth-generated beats and melody. Then, the soothing vocals of Will Samson carry the listener through the song, with supported by an intriguing sequence of instruments, including an electric guitar that surfaces at around 2:35, only to be replaced by stings at 3:08.
     “I’ll Lead You There” is a single from the upcoming album “Carved from Tides,” which is scheduled to drop on July 1, 2016. Message To Bears is the musical alias of English composer and multi-instrumentalist Jerome Alexander.

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