Friday, May 6, 2016

“Quarks” by Skyes – A Song Review

     There are second chances during an Indie lifetime. The song “Quarks” was made available well over a year ago. It wasn’t reviewed by Indie Obsessive. Mistake! Today, Skyes released an EP of five tracks – the title track is “Quarks.” So, the song is “current” again.
     Skyes is a Brooklyn-based trio formed of Dallin Knightly (vocals, keys), Dan Tirer (guitar) and Artie Fleischmann (bass). Particularly in “Quarks,” Skyes establishes its Synth Pop persona and then announces that the band is equally adept elsewhere. Thus, at the 2:36 mark of “Quarks,” the Rock-based, tension-building guitar crescendo plants the Skyes’ flag in a genre distant from Synth Pop.

     “Quarks” by Skyes

     “Dry” by Skyes

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